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Therapy Session

"Problems are stories we tell ourselves"

Michael White

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Making sense of who we are, how we think and what influences our relationships can be difficult. Systemic psychotherapy offers a lens through which we can explore individual challenges, sensitive issues with our partner or improve communication with other people in our lives. It is a chance to explore different perspectives and actively work towards the change we want to see in our lives. 
Systemic therapy considers multiple models of change in order to find ways of working that best fits an individual client or client group. It also seeks to not just solve problems in the moment but to discover and imbed new skills and ways of communicating that can be carried forward into the future.


I have worked supporting individuals, couples and families for 20 years. I have worked in both the voluntary and statutory sector and have experience in a wide range of presenting issues, such as relationship difficulties, substance abuse and addiction, family functioning, identity and making sense of our place in the world.
I'm passionate about the power of systemic therapy and its ability to offer a new perspective on entrenched problems as a way to initiate change and support people to reach their goals. 
I hold myself to a high ethical standard of practice and personal and professional development. 
In addition to face to face therapy sessions, which I still offer, I have become excited by the opportunities offered by online therapy and have found working in this way both enlightening and fulfilling for myself and clients who access this platform. 
Whilst much of my work is as a sole therapist, I am skilled in models of co-therapy and team therapy and I am a proud member of the Systemic Therapist's Consortium.
I qualified as a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist through the Institute of Family Therapy, hold full membership of the Association of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice and am registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy



Once you have decided you wish to engage in therapy online, you can simply use the 'contact me' form to send me an email and we can discuss the best time and day for our first session. A zoom invite will then be sent to you for that time and you can follow that link on the day to access the session. If you are engaging in couples or family therapy then the link can be shared with anyone participating in the session so that it can be accessed on multiple devices, meaning participants do not all have to be in the same location at that time to join the session. Sessions are able to be booked individually with no commitment to a certain number of sessions, giving you the confidence in a process that works at your pace and is created in collaboration with yourself and me as your therapist.
If have any other questions about how this process works or if systemic therapy is right for your needs, then please contact me via email to discuss your needs and considerations.



I am based in the channel island of Guernsey and am able to offer in person therapy sessions in that locality. I offer these sessions both out of my own home or, where appropriate, in the client's own home. The benefits of in person psychotherapy is well evidenced and there is a growing evidence base about the benefits of systemic work being undertaken in your own home, where you feel comfortable and where the things your are looking to work on, often exist. 
In order to engage in face to face work with me, you simply need to use the 'contact me' form and we can decide together how, where and when it would be best to have our first session. I am able to be quite flexible with regard to engaging in this way so once you have got in touch I'm sure we be able to work out an approach to the sessions that will meet your needs.

Also, if you have any other questions as to whether systemic therapy is right for you, just get in touch and we discuss your thoughts without any obligation to book a session until you decide this is right for you. 

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Don't take my word for it, here are what some of the people I have worked with have to say...

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"I was very sceptical at first with the prospect of therapy sessions and in the style they would be delivered. 
I feel it is very individualized and Adam really taps into the person. I think I was kind of expecting how things would go prior to attending, however I could not of been more wrong, Adam's person centered style is very unique and equally effective. I find his very frank  approach really hits home with me and is very effective. I feel there is no hierarchy or “don’t do this and that attitude” it really is down to earth based on his extensive knowledge and life skills. I cannot thank Adam enough for the support he has offered"


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I have found our sessions with Adam hugely helpful. I have been gaining confidence in my ability to communicate more effectively with my partner.
The sessions are comfortable and a safe place for us both to be more open and honest than we have been at home. Adam questions us both and points out things that we say which require further consideration.
Previous counselling that we have had has always failed and mostly because my husband has felt judged and “in the wrong”, there is a balance and fairness to Adam’s approach which has ensured my partner's continuing engagement, which is brilliant.
We have been taught to use tactics to manage family situations that we use now, and they have proved massively helpful.
We are not 100% there yet, but I feel much more confident about the future.


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I believe Adam has got the right personality as well as the professional skills for his role as a therapist. Adam is authentic, has integrity, is compassionate, honest, trustworthy, non-judgemental and easy to talk to. 
He has excellent communication skills - he listens to me actively and encourages me to reflect and to think for myself to make better choices and informed decisions. Adam is always honest with me. I trust him to give me credit where it's due and to make me realise when I am making bad decisions/excuses.
Adam doesn't work with "one size fits all" formula, he provides individualised care plans. From day one, Adam appreciated the uniqueness of my individual circumstances
He has the knowledge and understanding of the emotional and practical difficulties his patients may face and has very good problem solving skills.
Adam has a clear commitment to helping his clients as he has always had time for me when I have needed him.



I am keen to discuss your needs or questions about what sort of support I may be able to offer you.
If you do not see the type of structure that suits you, it may be possible for us to work together to create a bespoke package that meets your needs

Thanks for submitting!

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